Our Services

International Inc. was founded in a few years of experience to embody a new spirit in the media industry and software technology in the local market in Kuwait and aspires to expand in the Arab world and offers a range of premium services supported by global network of ODOO

Web Development

Design, Develop and Programming websites.

Custom Softwares

Design and Develop of computer programs that you need.

Mobile Apps

Design and Develop of mobile phones of any paltform (IOS & Android & Windwos).

Advertising Compains

The electronic management of advertising campaigns through the Internet and social networking sites.


Design, management & programming of the electronic markets.


All kinds of designs 2D - 3D designs - designs Animation 2D & 3D - Infographic.

About us

the crowded market has many companies compete to provide services but it is our mechanisms makes us occupy a privileged place which enables us to provide our services with the best and fastest way possible. We have the practical experience and cadres academy that study programming science and put her hand on the all-new in the approved development of software science which we can provide programming on the basis of scientific and assets of a well-established services.